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"Client or Customer: Unveiling the Real Estate Relationship Riddle"

In the world of real estate, there's a significant difference between a client and a customer, and it mainly comes down to the relationship and the level of service provided.

A client is someone who has signed a representation agreement with a real estate agent or broker. This agreement, often called an "agency relationship," means that the agent or broker will provide a higher level of service and owe specific fiduciary duties to the client. These duties typically include loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, disclosure, accountability, and reasonable care. In simple terms, the agent will work in the client's best interest, keeping their information confidential and providing professional advice and guidance throughout the process.

On the other hand, a customer is someone who hasn't signed a representation agreement with an agent or broker. They may still receive some basic services from a real estate professional, such as being shown properties or receiving help with paperwork. However, the agent doesn't owe the same level of fiduciary duties to a customer as they do to a client. The agent's primary responsibility in this case is to provide honest and fair treatment, but they won't be required to prioritize the customer's best interests or provide personalized advice.

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Utilizing an innovative and all-encompassing marketing approach, we take advantage of every feasible channel to accurately target and connect with potential buyers right where they search for homes. Our clients' listings are vigorously promoted across all pertinent online platforms and within our buyer agent networks, guaranteeing maximum market penetration and visibility. Moreover, we bear the full cost of marketing expenses, including professional photography!


Embarking on a home search? Navigating today's housing market can be intricate and demanding, making it essential to have experienced professionals like us on your side. The journey entails a whirlwind of documentation, swarms of buyers vying for the same properties, and numerous obstacles to overcome before finally securing your dream home. Let our team assist you and guarantee a successful outcome!

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Recently appointed as an executor or personal representative of an estate? Wondering what to do next? Our team collaborates with an array of strategic partners to offer our clients a holistic action plan. This includes assessing the property, clearing it out, making required repairs, and guaranteeing a sale that maximizes profit and is completed within an optimal time frame. We have assisted numerous clients in navigating this occasionally stressful and emotionally charged process.

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